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Join us as we Journey Through the Gospel of Matthew over the next 20 weeks. We’ll unpack Matthew’s gospel chapter by chapter, week by week (In all transparency, there will need to be a few weeks that we’ll double up our chapters so we can conclude our study of this gospel by Advent). Included in our journey will be a sermon each week on our weekly chapter. You’re encouraged to read the chapter during the week, reflecting on it during your prayer time, encountering it during our weekly sermons, and unpacking it in a small group.

To help facilitate the reading and reflection, we’ll add some background and pertinent information to help guide you through your reading, reflection and discussion.

A couple of things that might help you as we get started:

We typically use either NIV or NRSV as our preferred text. This simplifies questions concerning text and these two versions are considered the go to for the academic world. 

We’ll follow a weekly reading, so week 1 – chapter 1, and so on. Occasionally we will double up our chapters as we have 8 chapters to make up during our 20 week study.

Lastly, we encourage discussion and questions as we wrestle with the text and how it informs our Christian lives today.

Get Week 1 of Journey Through the Gospel of Matthew Here

Wishing you all the best!
Pastor Mark